Blocks Deleting?

Check Out This Video:


I’ve experienced the same problem!!!

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I noticed that the scrollbar on the block editor is scrolled to the bottom after your blocks disappeared, whereas it wasn’t when you put the blocks there… Did you scroll up and see if they were there?

Also, try right-clicking the blocks editor and clicking any of the “sort blocks” options.

If not then, yes, it’s a bug.

Yes. I’ve scrolled everywhere, looked at every corner. My blocks just disappeared without a trace. Does seem like a serious bug…

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Yep, I’m getting this too - the blocks keep disappearing, furthermore I don’t think the blocks are even getting sent to the live preview because I can’t get a simple “Hello World” app to work

The live preview bit seems to be working, as in, if I change the text on a button it will instantly change on my phone too.

I’ve tried logging in/out, creating new projects, any other suggestions?

Has anyone got an app working yet? If so, what set up do you have? Do I need to update iOS?

Chrome 57 & Safari 9.3.1 on OSX 10.11.6
and iOS 9.3.2

Hi there. Thanks for your patience and feedback. We just pushed a release that we hope fixes this. Please let us know if it works!

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I experienced the same issue. Twice now the blocks on my first screen have disappeared. What can I do?

I added over 300 blocks in my app and when I checked it again, all of them disappeared.Can anyone resolve this problem?