[Solved] Is there any problem with x.thunkable server?

Hello brothers.
I have created an app and tested last night that functioned well but today morning it is misbehaving in live test mode… My app question is appearing at so late (in live test) but my preinstalled (tested) app is still functioning well in my device.

Is it server problem?

I have the same problem. Thunkable live IOS shows an error page when opening (both on app from appstore as well as app from test flight).

There was another update 6 or 7 hours ago @farhadkubd1 @rollke - can you try again and see if the error persists?

Please let me know whether or not you are still experiencing this issue.

live preview is really buggy this morning

thank you for letting us know @danyklein

Can you be more specific here please though, i.e platform, device, components used, what “buggy” means?


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Hi, @domhnallohanlon! :wave:

I just got myself an iPhone7 today, which has iOS 12.4.1
I installed the Thunkable Live from AppStore, and tested my app - It works perfect :+1:
Smooth as an Installed app :smile:

Thanks! :blush:
P.S. I installed the app today at ~ 11:00AM IST. I must have the latest version.

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Brother, I have posted clearly though i am going to you more. From this morning when i was trying to live preview my app is showing data too much late and hanged after few moments but that was not supposed to be happened because last night i tried it before sleeping and it was okay. After getting problem this morning i have remade the app with another name and result is same. And all of my app in live preview is behaving same.

Still it is same as i described.

Seemsd to be on your server. I tried it with the latest testflight update and with the original app. Both on ipad and iphone. Both with ios 12.

Brother it is 100% server problem. I am talking about my quiz app. all questions are appearing about 25 second later but it was smooth at last night.

Please do something.

Yess it takes 1000 times more long to load the changes on the live preview

And not only live preview. I thought if i downloaded the .apk it will be okay but same as live preview.

Hello, I have discovered a new thing. May be it will be helpful for giving us your solution.
thing is, in my quiz app i have chosen 2 seconds each question appearing but you already knew it takes too much time(about 25/30 seconds.) But after each question if i click randomly (two times) at open space screen the next question is appearing quickly.But that should not supposed to be as i have chosen two second in my loop.

You most certainly have not posted clearly.

You have made 6 posts in this topic so far and you still have not bothered to answer any of the questions I actually need you to answer:

Thanks @rollke,

Can you PM me your project link and I’ll take a closer look for you.

Problem with the server seems to be fixed. Works again without problem. Thank you.


Thanks for the update and apologies again for the inconvenience.

Dear Brother, my apologies if you get hurt that i didn’t mean. i am working with the same device i tested it last night. actuall problem is my quiz question is not appearing automatically like the last night. I have to click on open space screen to get the next question. I am giving you the link.

Ok, and are you ever going to tell us at any stage what this mystery device actually is?

Oh. it is Huawei y9