Question about App UI

Hey, just downloaded my app (ios) but there are several UI problems:

  • the background color of my pages is not coloring the edge of the phone as it did before.

  • switch color is not working.

  • app is loading twice.

will update if I find more issues.

Thank you!

that might be a sizing issue or something similar

Can you elaborate on this a bit?

This is been mentioned in a few threads and I’m not certain that there’s any issue here - are you using starts and opens events in your app? Do you have duplicate event handlers for one/both of these?

No. That is most probably this issue.

It has and @jane is aware. We are still waiting for a proper fix.

Background color - I haven’t change anything in the sizes. In a previous version its working perfectly.

The switch - shows only in the basic color. Any other color i choose doesn’t work.

@oreeldadln can you please add a couple of screenshots to show what you mean about the switch issue?

I chose a color for the “On Tint Color”.
but in the app, it looks the same as the basic component of the phone.
Screen Shot 2020-11-18 at 21.20.16

any solution? it’s still the same for me…