Background color

Hi there! Is it thre a possibility to change the standard gray color of the app background? i can set the bgcolor in the screen property but when my app resizes the height of the elements lovest part of the background becomes gray! Here the screenshot of my problem.
Thanks in advance

If background color does not work, try putting a column. Then set the height and width to fill parent and select your background color

i tried but it works only if the screen is not scrollable… whit a scrollable screen i cannot use this workaround,…

@er_barto . It looks like you have uncovered a bug. Changing the background color of the Screen ought to work when the app resizes. Could you please file an issue here. That will help us track it properly and will maximize the chance of it getting fixed. If, in that issue, you can share a simple project that demonstrates the problem, that will also help!

Thanks in advance.


unfortunately i cannot create an account on github. instead of this i created a simply project to show the issue

this is the link

Thanks for the share link, @er_barto. Just curious, what was the problem in creating a GitHub account?