Image resizing issue. Need help

So basically there is a button and when you press button you go to photo library and chose background and background is set but the issue is that background cuts more than 75% of the original picture what to do. I tried all resizing options but nothing seems to fix.

This is original


Hi there, :wave:

Are u setting the picked image as Screen background or any Column/Row Background?

For the best view of the image, try using contain or center resize mode. :smile:


Yes. Column background and I did use Those two
Options but no luck

We appear to be having some issues with the background image, at least for Columns. We’re looking into it.

@jxbclothes69gc7, is this on Android or iOS or both?


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It’s on iOS and Android both and another issue is if you set background via blocks section. Thunkable will automatically remove background and replace it with error icon kindly fix this ASAP I addressed this issue 1-2 months ago and still not action