Background image does not reach bottom leaving a white band

The background image does not reach the bottom leaving a white band, I tried all the options in resize mode, to set show status bar to false, I also did the installation on the phone to see how it was.

can you try providing the source code

Have you used any column, try extending the length of it or try to expand the height of the image.

yes @aditya.paul is right!

Translated with Google.
Ciao, thanks for your interest. I don’t know where to find it, I changed from private to public.
@aditya.paul I would like to have the screen colored to avoid the risk of seeing white in different resolutions.
So you advise me to cover the screen with a column?

can you share the background image

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I found the error, :fearful: my fault, I was convinced that the image was huge and when I changed the format I did not check the edges. :crazy_face:
Sorry for the inconvenience

The topic title should be a summary… not a copy of the entire post. I’ll change it for you for this topic.