Images not displaying when in column or row as background image

When I put a background image in a column or row, the image shows up on my computer but does not show on my phone during live test. Background color shows up, but images don’t. I can get background images to work if they are not in a row or column.

Help. I have been at this all day. I cannot get a background image to appear on my phone if it is in a column or row. Background image for a screen works fine, but if I put an image in a column or row, nothing appears on my phone.


Such a problem exists. Solution options:

  1. Place an Image component in the Column with absolute positioning.
  2. Place the button with the background image in the Column, and from the top, cover the button with a transparent Column so that the button could not be pressed.
  3. Place a WebViewer with an image in the Column. WebViewer.ScrollEnabled = false

Personally, I prefer option 2.

How is this still not fixed after more than 1.5 years :confused: No image is displayed at all no matter what positioning I choose for a row background… That is really bad especially since the image component is also faulty… :cold_sweat:

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I just tried and got the same results. No image displayed on my phone when i set a column to have this background image. Time to travel to the github repository. Will it be me or you @Chris, @actech, @jeem ?

Same Issue,
I have absolutely no idea what the issue could be, but I spoke with other Thunkers in my community and they seem to have the exact same roadblock.

I believe this is an important issue to resolve because many Thunkable app creators rely on a seamlessly integrated background image to underlay other content.

Use an image component in your column. Fill container for height and width. Set position to absolute. Set all offset value to with sondes settings now.

The problem with that solution is that I can no longer add components to the column. The objective of setting the background image of a column is to have an enclosed space where I can set the background to a given image and place different components like labels and other images over it.