Background pictures on layouts not showing correctly

Hi, I have just come over from AI2 to recreate my app on here and hopefully make it better but have hit an early problem

i have put an image as a background to a columns layout, the layout is set to container width and 30% high of screen. image is set to stretch

it looks ok on the web designer but on the live app and if i download it the width is ok but the image only seems to be about 9% high (a third of the layout size)

I did have a rows layout under neath with another image and that didnt appear at all so i deleted it to see if it cures the problem. it does not

i have tried a test app with just a layout and image and that acts even stranger.

any advice or help would be appreciated


For starters, I recommend that you experiment with the layout and image settings with the resizeMode property, as well as the width in% etc. The layout in Thunkable X is based on the Flexbox and its creation is different from how it is done in AI2.

Thanks for the info

well i managed to get it working but it seemed more like a bug by having to set the column layout to a fixed size first, then returning back to a percentage but not using the fill container.

the row layout would not show the background image at all so created another column layout to hold the background and then everything seemed to work better

I have several buttons with background images on my app and they all works perfectly so I dont think its my error for the layouts.

It still looks wrong on the web layout but is correct on the live app which also makes me think its a bug



Creating a layout in Thunkable X is specific, as you correctly noted. I think that eventually work with it will be made more understandable and simple.