[Solved] Background color for screen

Is there a way to have a background color for a screen in Thunkable IOS?

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Not at the moment @Darshan_Krishnaswamy

Our team is actively working on building new components, so we will hopefully have that soon!

what about now?

of course.

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does this help me with having a settings screen where there is an option for the user to change the background color of the entire app and to modify the volume of the sound effects?

For sure! You can change the background color of lots of components including the screen itself from within the app. Check the blocks below.

I’m this example. There is 1 button on a white screen. When the only button is pressed, it turns the screen black.

Check out screen 3

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can this be done with all the screens in the application? I’m sorry I have just been trying to figure this out for 2 months now :frowning:

of course @22-036to1y !

check this out.
set a background color. save it to a variable. when any screen opens up, set the background color to that variable


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Thank you !

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Hi i am having the same problem but i cannot view the project link can you make another one?

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