Customize Splash Screen - a must


Is there any plan to allow users to customize the splash screen on Thunkable X and I am not referring to app logo in the center only but:

  1. Background color
  2. Icon size

Ideally an option to remove the default splash and create our own with a timer.

It should be feasible for a cross platform using React Native and would be a big win for Thunkable users!

Fingers crossed


This is possible for PRO subscribers.


Hi Codeswept!

I am a PRO user but I can’t find where I can do that, any documentation?


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Use the gear icon to see the project settings


Choose the icon you want for your app.
You can design your own splash screen.


Thanks Muneer,
I am aware of the icon part.

Is there a way to change background color of the splash? or icon dimensions?

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The icon is the app icon which needs to comply with Apple and Google.

Create your own splash screen until Thunkable provides a way to prevent this first screen the first time you run the app.

We really need to add Splash Logo ‘‘SETTINGS’’ to ThunkableX and it could be done simply;

Logo image mode: Contain or Cover //// Upload splash image. /// Background Color
(For PRO and Business users)

This way we can upload a: 2436 x 1242 size image and have a our own Splash! A small revolution and easily implementable.

Let’s do this Thunkable Team :smiley:!