[Superpost] Custom Splash Screen Options

Hello Thunkers! :tada:

I would like to request a small feature from @staff,

To add an option to add/remove app icon Splash screen

More clearly, the app icon, which comes for 3 seconds, should be made an optional switch, because we can make our custom Splash screens with more details :blush:

This is just a request, decisions to be made by Thunkable. (plz don’t take otherwise)

Hope you understand :smile:
Thanks! :wink:


I do want this feature as well.

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Thanks for the request @kartik_old and @Hayder, this is something we’ve been working on and will hopefully be able to release in the future.

Just for clarity, here’s what’s available at the moment for Free and PRO users:

Further Reading:

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I want to know if there is away to Remove start screen icon from Thunkable pro

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Hi @anas1989,

At the moment PRO users can change the icon displayed on the splash screen but there’s no facility to remove it altogether.

Would changing it work for you, or do you have another requirement in mind?


Hello Domhnall…

Thanks for your reply…

I made a web based app, so when I enter the app my own start screen appears while the browser is loading…

I want to remove the first default screen because it adds more time to lunch the app, also I don’t want to display two start screens, one is enough for me (my own screen while browser is loading) …

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Got it. Thanks for the feedback @anas1989, I’ll see what we can do!




Many thanks…

I just want to chime in as another Thunkable Pro user that being able to remove this splash screen altogether would be great. I have my own custom Lottie splash screen animations, but it looks weird to display my animated splash screen after a separate splash screen has already been displayed.



IS THIS SOLVED??? I have uploaded my app icon, as instructed. Installed app still shows ONLY the badger and “Made with Thunkable” text on splash screen. HELP!!!

i highly agree to this opinion.

i think it might be better “made by thunkable” rather than app icon. in spite of i am already paying.

Especially i’m thinking load some variable or something in splash screen. but becuz of default splash, my app must have two screen (which look almost same)

I love thunkable so much. but i don’t think this is understandable.

I don’t want like dynamic customization of splash. just give us on/off option so that we can make another. thanks.

@laudtetteh were you a PRO member when you were trying to do this? Currently white-label apps are only available to PRO subscribers

Thanks for the feedback @saramdl.gaunde021

This is a good suggestion - I’ll forward it to the team.


Yes, please. I was. That issue is solved, now, though. I have another issue relating to the location sensor in a webviewer app. Should I create a new thread for that?

Hey Thunkable team,

The platform is great, however even in Paid plan the app shows an icon as the splash screen. Please remove this and allow the user to create their own splash screen. As an alternative we can create another splash screen, which loads after the first one, but that’s not a good user experience.


Have you uploaded an icon?

Hi, i’m a really-really newbie in here.

I just use web viewer for my IOS app, but how to create or change splash screen? Mine is showing thunkable maskot/logo. Please help.


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Hi there. Unfortunately there’s no way to change it at the moment but we are planning to add the option in the future.

Albert @ Thunkable

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Hi Albert, Is the reason political (i.e. Apple makes you put your company name on the splash screens for your account) or is it technical (it just hasn’t been built in yet)?

I’m building an app on Thunkable IOS and was planning on publishing it onto the app store. No disrespect, but i can’t do that now knowing that it will have Thunkable logo pasted on the front of it. I’ll definitely have to wait for this option before i can publish my Thunkable app. Is there any idea on time?

Thanks again for all your efforts to produce such a cool platform :smile:

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can you please specify, future time (ex. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc.)

Because all developer is needed this facility & Every application need its own splash screen.

This is my 1st post, if am questioning anything wrong forgive me.

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