[Solved] PRO plan or Business Plan to remove "Made with Thunkable" Splash Screen


I am just confused. The answers in the Thunkable Community Forums seem to say that the PRO plan allows me to remove the “Made with Thunkable” splash screen. But in the Pricing page, only the BUSINESS plan allows for “Custom Branding”.

Can someone please clarify what plan I need to remove the “Made with Thunkable” splash screen?

Thanks in advance.

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According to this page you need Business.

I think it may have been that in the past Pro allowed you to use your own branding but now you need the Business Plan.

Pro is merely, “The best plan to make your personal app idea available everywhere.”

Whereas the Business Plan is for you to, “ Launch your business, support your services, or extend your product with a custom mobile app.”


Thank you. But I guess I’m wondering whether the “Custom Branding” term refers to the ability to remove the Made with Thunkable splash screen? Or maybe it refers to the ability to use custom fonts, or design the splash screen yourself. I’m looking to just DISABLE the splash screen for my app.

Are you in the PRO plan by any chance? Can you see an option in the Project settings to remove that?

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I don’t know about the Business Plan but in PRO all what you needed to do previously is to choose your own App Icon in the project settings page which will replace the Thunkable Beaver splash screen along with Made with Thunkable.

If you are a PRO member then do this and download your project as Android APK and test it.


I think that this apply to those (like you and me) that have legacy PRO plan…
The best solution is to test it the way you indicated. But this is already too late for someone that buys new PRO plan only … A clarification from @Thunkable_Staff will be better is this case.


I am currently on the free version and I don’t want to buy the PRO plan only to find out that it won’t allow me to DISABLE the splash screen. That’s the only thing I need before I can submit my app.

In the forums, people have said that the PRO plan allows us to remove it, but those answers were from a year ago. I’m wondering if that is still the case today since there’s a bit of contradiction in the Pricing page. Maybe some folks who JUST GOT the PRO Plan can testify that it still allows us to disable the splash screen? Sadly the Business Plan is outside my budget.

@Thunkable_Staff any word on this?

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This seems to be the consensus in the forums, but the Pricing page indicates that the BUSINESS PLAN is the one that enables CUSTOM BRANDING.

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This feature, at this time, is available on our Business and Team level subscriptions.

For many users, this brief flash doesn't impact the initial launch of their app nor does it impact initial traction while validating your MVP. For these users, many of them have created their own custom splash screens to follow the beaver launch screen. We have splash screen examples that you can check out or remix here. This example has two screens and a timer component. If you look at the blocks section, you can see that Screen1 has an event block 'when Timer Fires'. When the timer fires, it will navigate to Screen2.


There is no way in DnD to import a screen. Do you mean I have to EXTRA code another screen for this to work?

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It’s only 3 blocks and 1 screen extra to a typical project. And yes, you’d have to code this yourself.

Every custom splash screen I’ve created ever on Thunkable was a branded screen made with the following block:

When screen opens

  • wait 2 seconds
  • navigate to main (usually a login/register page)

… using splash screen" as a preamble, my app looks like:
I just put same image from the splah screen as an animated .gif that shrinks in the 1st screen, set the waiting time for that screen before pass to next screen equal to what it takes the animation to be done… and voila…
This is just an ideea to make splash screen work in your favor… If you cant customize splash screen, that .gif that i’m talking about from the first screen can be edited like an image that will disipate from Thunkable logo to your logo :smiling_face: This way, both Thunkable and you will have credits for app


Looks great! does that use the Thunkable beaver splashscreen plus your own ? Or did you incorporate our logo into your own splash screen as an example?

Either way, looks great!


Thank you. I incorporated Thunkable logo in my custom made icon used as splash screen.


Thanks for the clarification! I appreciate the link to sample splash screens, too. Will mark this as solved.

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The custom-made sample splash screen link seems to be not working anymore.
Can anyone advise on how to replace the Thunkable Splash Screen with your own custom-one?
From my understanding, even if I add a new start screen, it will only show after the Thunkable one.

I really need to know if customization is possible before going pro.

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Yes, this is correct. You can only remove the Thunkable screen if you subscribe to the Business Plan. The Pro Plan will not remove that screen.

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Thanks @muneer

Unfortunately, this is disappointing as I was under the impression that the splash screen would be removed for Pro User.
Will need to consider other platforms now… Sigh…


wow this is really sad i am literally crying now Will need to consider other platform a well


@kizzy @raviragas7y0ecx

Hey guys :wave:

The decision was not made lightly nor without serious consideration. Please don’t take the following as an aggressive move, I really want to open dialogue and have a conversation about this. I don’t know that we’re going to change it anytime soon however having a more thorough understanding of what issues this may or may not cause is helpful for future planning.

In any case: what about the logo do you feel detracts from a quality built and useful app? For most users, while validating there app before it becomes a unicorn, this does not cause any issues getting traction or investment from outside potential investors. Unity has been doing this with their games for a very long time. There have been plenty of unity games that made people lots of money upon which time they were able to remove the made with Unity logo

Do either of your apps already have traction and are they making money yet?

I know it sucks, but I like to think about it the same way as if I was starting a business in any city and in the world. There is always an initial start up infrastructure cost, brick and mortar costs, electric bills, buying in-home office equipment, etc. In comparison to starting most businesses, the $200 price point is not that crazy. It’s also not that crazy in terms of ongoing businesses however understandably if you’re app isn’t making any money it’s hard to justify paying $200/167 a month for the membership.

When I have seen is people who are building a business with their app tend to get a business membership level only when they are ready to launch v1. They stay on pro or free u til that point. Then they get a month of business to publish the ready to sell version of the app


I feel like a hammer just fell on me i know i it sound dramatic i am trying to build business which i have failed i just have one APP i have tried to make Money but Admob limit me because i have too much traffic real traffic. I Manage the APP i build for the person, if i was getting ad money sure i would be able to pay for pro biz .

It has nothing to do with the function of the APP of course showing logo dose not take away from the build. but it how the person that you are building the app for view you… like oh ok maybe i can just go over to thunkable and build my own app why even use me to build the app. They can just come over here come coppy my app if it is public . I get thunkable want more exposure. i am really going to have to move. I used APPy builder from 2018-2020 then Thunkable form 2020- to now , maybe time to find another place or maybe charge higher i dont know i need to think more on this