Watermark PRO Plan

As we remember few years back you can get a plan that remove splash watermark, we already subscribed on that, after comeback now to build app here again, $45 paid and willing to pay monthly but not including “Custom Branding” is quite unhappy. We understand you need to maintain and expenditure, however is $45 dollar is not enough? Though our fault not re-reading carefully the plans. It’s too funny I was smiling after getting a email from AppStore my app was approved, it did really looks good in the AppStore, feeling so excited and yet, the splash bring me a poker face, did some research and yep… disappointed. This is not a hate expressions, just to ask is $45 dollar is not enough for custom branding? it’s $45.

Hi @otwpalawan9fq

I’m happy to read that your app looks really good in the App Store!

I understand your frustration. There is the option to remove the Thunkable logo with a Business or Team subscription. With one of these subscriptions, if you change your app icon, your new icon will appear on the splash screen.

The Thunkable beaver launch screen has been part of all our apps since the launch of Thunkable for iOS and later Thunkable ✕. It usually only flashes for a brief moment and then goes straight into your app. For many users, this brief flash doesn’t impact the initial launch of their app nor does it impact initial traction while validating your MVP. Many of these users have created their own custom splash screens to follow the beaver launch screen.

We appreciate your feedback and if you have any other questions for us, please let us know. Best of luck with the success of your app!

Got that @mike.bird , i’m currently in a PRO plan and im just using a webviewer as my core components, probably around 4 components with webviewer ,alert, camera, locations. It just may website on the app. So if I jump to business, should I resubmit a newer build version? Or you can just automatically remove it? I’m open to change plan for a reasonable deal, maybe it may clear things out.