I only need Custom Branding.What should I do?

I only need “Custom Branding”
What should I do?

Hi there @eak41, thanks for reaching out. Could you explain a little bit more by what you mean by “Custom Branding?” Are you referring to removing the Thunkable Splash Screen that appears when you open your app?

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I was earlier looking for this too for one of my previous projects, removing the Thunkable logo from the splash screen which is only offered in Business plans I believe along with other business features (which I didn’t need that much), which tend to start upwards of $200 / month?

A low-tier plan having the ability to remove the Thunkable logo will be of great use :eyes:

@kartik14 I hear you on this one. This feature is requested at our lower tiers quite often and I will keep you updated if our product teams do decide to make this feature available to those on plans below the Business plan level.



I want to show my application logo when opening it.
Why are you restricting everyone who uses your app from having their own logo?
Even though willing to pay the cost for you

@eak41 For many users, the Thunkable Splash screen flash doesn’t impact the initial launch of their app nor does it impact initial traction while validating their MVP. Of these users, many of them have created their own custom splash screens to follow the beaver launch screen. We have splash screen examples that you can check out or remix here. This example has two screens and a timer component. If you look at the blocks section, you can see that Screen1 has an event block ‘when Screen1 opens’. Waits 1.5 seconds and then it will navigate to Screen2.

Let us know if this helps!

Thank you very much for the answer.

I’d love to see custom branding become a per app microtransaction. Like an add on, per app.

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Feasibility might be an issue for making certain features available to only those who pay for them, but it’s an interesting idea and I like it, @jared!

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