Remove Thunkable logo during startup (don't mind paying)

Is there any way to remove the Thunkable logo for iOS version like in Android version? I don’t mind paying to have this feature.


Hi there,

There currently isn’t an option yet but definitely something we’d like to add soon. Thank you for the request!

Albert @ Thunkable


any updates on this ? Really need the ability to hide the thunkable logo, also cool with paying if needed.


Yeah, while I realize the software is free, the logo kinda kills the app. How about putting the Thunkable info into the “About” section of the apps?

any update on this?

You can now remove the Thunkable logo on startup if you have Thunkable Pro.


Do you know if will be able to turn this off completely? I have Thunkable Pro and my app has its own splash screen with a Lottie animation, and now it also shows my app icon at the beginning, so it’s sort of like having two splash screens. One is enough lol.



Were you able to figure this out? I’m considering upgrading to Pro but won’t do it if the watermark is still there.

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Yes I have pro it works … NO THUNKABLE icon :slight_smile:


Does this also remove the “Invented using Thunkable” watermark?

Where is that written ? I never saw that

I have the Pro Version but I still have 2 splash screen

Hi @kumookudesign :wave:

Two splash screens?

Would you mind sharing a link to your project, either here or via a PM, as you should only have 1 splash screen.

Did you manually create an additional splash screen yourself?

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Hi Domhnall, thank you for your kind reply,
I’m gonna send you the link via PM as soon as you let me do it (the system says Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.)
Btw for “two” splash screens I meant that once the app is starting I can se for a sec the image icon that replaces “made with thunkable” and then the splash screen I made on a page in the app.
Waiting to send you PM.


Just PMd you @kumookudesign - should work for you now.

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Hello! I just have done my first app for iOS with a free account. Its work perfect, but it show a screen “Made with thunkable” when starts. After that, anything else.

I want to know if I that will change if I would upagrade to pro. The “membership” page in “account” says " Personalized App Branding" but I don’t know what it means.


I have not published any native app on the Play Store/App Store. And I want to say that I don’t have a Thunkable PRO account yet as I find it expensive. I’d be really grateful if some method to remove the watermark/logo in a native app can be done even if I don’t have Thunkable PRO. Would request the Thunkable team to work on this.

Can i remove the watermark of thunkable that " made with thunkable"?

With a Pro Plan you can.

In future please search the forum as most questions have already been answered.

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It is like people without thunkable pro cannot have splash screen.