Is there any way to remove thunkable flash screen? Is it available in pro version?

Is there any way to remove thunkable flash screen?
Is there any option to remove flash screen in pro version?

Hi there,
You have to purchase your account upgrade to PRO version.After you have upgraded.You have a option to change your app’s splash screen logo.
Also,it has a way to remove it.
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Nooo… If it’s there, can u enlighten?

Thanks! :wink:

Hi @steven_ysr (and @kartik_old) ,

The Thunkable beaver launch screen has been part of all our apps since the launch of Thunkable for iOS and later Thunkable ✕. It usually only flashes for a brief moment and then goes straight into your app.

The option to remove the Thunkable logo is only available to PRO subscribers right now.



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Hello everyone,
Thanks @domhnallohanlon, for explanation :smile:

I have brought a PRO 2 months before. I brought it to replace the Thunkable Beaver with my logo & was perfectly done. But still I wanted my own splash screen, I saw @BlueWhaleYT saying

it has a way to remove it.

Remove I mean to delete the default splash :sweat_smile:

Thanks! :smile:

I’m wonder.I visit some app and downloaded.There’s no splash screen.
PS:That’s made by Thunkable.