[Solved] PRO plan or Business Plan to remove "Made with Thunkable" Splash Screen

Hello Jared!

Good points you bring to the discussion!

But… I think you must avoid compare this situation with a tradicional regular business launch.

You must compare the strategy of Thunkable with other no-code competitors to have a fair and balanced sense of what is good or not to the community.

Doing a simple comparison with other no-code tools (without consider the quality of these products), Thunkable is the only that have this approach of show that splash screen for apps done by free and “pro” paid members.

Another thing: This is good or desirable by the community? The staff made any kind of survey, or was a top down decision?

Just putting my 2 cents in the discussion, if Thunkable wants to be popular, there are other ways to reach this popularity. You must consider that the customer of Thunkable isn’t the end user, but the developers that create apps. So,I don’t think put splash screens in all apps to the end users will help Thunkable someway. On the opposite, depending on the quality of the app this can be bad for Thunkable reputation.

I’m not a marketing specialist, but I think if you promote more learning sessions, online events, hackatons, apps contests, more and more documentation, more tutorials, more improvements in the tool, more connections with other platforms will be the best way to grow Thunkable between the target customers: developers!

Doing like today, maybe you are stimulating the developers to look around for other platforms that are not only “cheaper”, but also less agressive to impose this self advertising. In my humble oppinion this is something you must avoid.

You must focus on make happy your real customer. And more than this: what are the economic profile of 80% of your customer: small developers, or big players that can pay for business plans?

Looks this is an unfriendly way of forcing small developers to upgrade their plans in order to increase the company’s monthly revenue, specially because they changed the game rules when the game is happening.

Maybe then they should offer more features, more tools, more support for bussiness level plan and not just insert an annoying advertisement to encourage the upgrade.

The staff must consider to know better your customer to avoid threads like this…


I was presenting a delivery app for a client and had to be honest with him about the Beaver logo showing up and practically I lost the deal.

I know your answer is to upgrade to Business Plan but isn’t it worth letting us know why do we have to pay for PRO then, Is this something you got stuck with and have to live with it. Everywhere I know, a PRO is for professional service not personal. You are treating the PRO Plan as a personal gadget.

Hope you will take my comments into account when discussing this issue internally.


Hello @Jared_Gibb

Thanks for sharing your views.

if you compare the start-up costs of a regular business with that of a Thunkable account, then the
cost of the subscription is equivalent to the overheads of rental, electricity, etc…
In your case, it seems that the landlord wants to charge for all of the basic stuff AND
put some of their own personal stuff in the place we rented.

Thunkable is a great platform for start-up developers. Any client who they get would want their
App to be really personalized, and the Thunkable start-up screen is definitely a deal-breaker.

I sincerely hope that the Thunkable team will relook at their business strategy and consider
changing their policy on this matter.



I agree with others on this thread that the Beaver logo / Thunkable splash screen really doesn’t feel reasonable. I really like Thunkable and I’ve also tried to be helpful in developing the platform, I could even say that I care about Thunkable, but I’m worried that fiddling with the policy for the Beaver logo / splash screen will do a great harm to the platform.

In essence, if you asked me, I’d remove the mandatory logo / splash screen from all plans. Why? Well, because it’s easy to see that the competition for no/lowcode platforms is intensifying by the day as even Google and Amazon are entering this space. And if you think what’s from the user’s perspective the ultimate reasoning behind trying a new platform/upgrading your account, it’s usually a referral from someone else who’s been happy with the platform OR your own good experiences with the platform.

In other words, the positive moving force for the users to get involved / deepen their commitment is not that you saw a Thunkable logo before an app you tried, or it’s not that you’re being forced to upgrade to a 2000/year plan to get rid of the logo. What this only does is create frustration and anger. It just isn’t your app if you have the Thunkable logo / splash screen coming up every time a user starts the app. So, in essence, if you’re kind to people and don’t set artificial obstacles, you will get the love back. Trust me.

And in any case, as said, as the competition is intensifying, it’s creating this situation in which you have even less room for creating extra frustrations and obstacles to users. At least it seems ridiculous that even PRO users, who have already made a clear commitment to the platform, should endure this artificial obstacle.

On top of all this, consider the fact that just only recently Thunkers have had issues with, for example, getting their app published to App Store due to new privacy requirements (that were finally addressed by the team, but it took a while even though one could have anticipated the situation), incomplete IAP (understandable, but still the expectation was that it was actually working when it was launched), and for the latest, for instance, the fact that all of a sudden we find that label texts have been mystically aligned to left when they should be centered (and the team is not willing to roll back to a previous update while the bug is being addressed). I’m just saying that with all such problems, Thunkers have usually been very understanding, supportive and patient, so it just seems unreasonable that now we need to struggle with this new policy with the splash screen.

And, as much as I appreciate all that’s been done to improve the platform, the fact also remains that there are many things you still can’t do with Thunkable (deep linking, for example), which are somewhat commonplace with apps these days. And all this is usually also somewhat OK with Thunkers, even though of course new features would also be warmly welcomed.

So, as I said, as I care for the platform and hope it will be successful in the future as well, among intensifying competition, I’d really urge you to get rid of the mandatory splash screen altogether. And if this is not possible, at least doing this for all PRO users.

With love.

Edit. would love to hear some feedback on this from the team.

ping @Jared_Gibb @cassandra @domhnallohanlon @wei @muneer etc


Poor form this.

From what I understand there was some backlash when the save to disk functionality was removed - forcing people into continuing with subscription and now this - needing a business level plan to custom brand. BTW the comparison with a traditional business is absurd.

Poor business model. The investors who funded your last round have done their dough IMNSHO.

Looking at the feedback here, it is quite clear that the Thunkable Team needs to
undo this decision. The competition in the No Code/Low Code space is heating up with
many new players entering the market. Thunkable’s main business lies in getting more
developers on board. This can only be done if developers see a fair pricing model.
Increasing the price of the Pro subscription was already a blow to many, and now this!

Many of us here do like Thunkable and want to continue using it…
Please don’t push yourself to extinction and let another spin-off take over…

Sincerely hope that the Thunkable staff are able to look at all these messages and give a good reply soon…


Thunkable has become greedy and all they care about is money and not service
and I am someone who rejects greed.
There are many platforms like Thunkable and they are not the only ones.


I think thay take advantage of consumers too.
Plan pro,
Should provide what is fundamental to making the App fully.
Business Plan,
It should be something more steep than that.
Stealing the basic Rules from plan Pro,
This means forcing everyone to use Business Plan.

And if everyone had known before will use this way.
That they would only get the basic rules in the first place.
Then thay will be forced by rules that take advantage.
Without choice,
Will they still decide to use it ?


Okay, so I used to pay 20$ a month for over a year for pro plan with custom branding, they put a new price on this and it is 45$ and the custom branding was moved behind a 200$ business plan. I have not gotten a response from devs yet but if this is they case I have no other choice than to switch to one of the other platforms. Money is not a problem for me fortunately but I would never agree with paying for this kind of business model that the devs are going with putting such a high price tag for anything that is recurring monthly. There are so many other platforms that does this for a much cheaper price and even making this from scratch with code would make more sense for someone with the ability to vision any kind of app and handle basic computing. And what is really sad is that people leaving now will never return when they switch to another platform, I really liked thunkable when it was reasonable and affordable.


Hello Thunkable,

This is a follow up request regarding a fully customizable splash screen feature.
This should be offered as a core feature especially to business users paying $200 monthly.

We want to be able to customize our splash screen and not just show the icon image on a white background.

Please let us know if there is a timeline for this, the forum counts numerous similar requests and therefore should be taken seriously.


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