Why is the Thunkable Logo Appearing in my apps?

Hi All,
I have recently purchased, PRO user account.
I published my APP but thunkable logo ( Made with Thunkable ) is still appearing.
How can i remove it ??

It was one of the reason i bought PRO user account along with obvious reason of having AAB file for publishing in play store.


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I see you have no recent read time so please search the forum as this question has already been answered today.

You should always search before creating a topic as creating topics with questions that have already have solutions is considered spamming and perhaps even disrespectful.

Hi Dean, How did you came into conclusion that i might not have search earlier topic before putting up this topic.

I have already added logo also updated , still the thunkable logo is appearing.
This is for android device.

The topics i have been searching does not have any concrete answer. If you have any please share.

Removing the “Made by Thunkable” splash screen is available on Business and Above level memberships. It can be replaced with a custom branded splash screen at that point.

Thanks for the inquiry and sorry for any confusion here.

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I understand the confusion between members. This decision was made without any announcements or even a notice to PRO members. As in most cases, members subscribed to the PRO plan for this reason among others.

If you had searched you would have found the answer here. This was posted only a few hours before you created this topic.

Also if you had searched you would have found the Thunkable pricing page here.

It takes seconds to find the two pages above.

Are you saying that you carried out a thorough search and found nothing whatsoever?

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To give him the benefit of doubt, there are other older posts saying that the PRO subscription removes the Thunkable Beaver.

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