Change background color of entire app (iPhone X)

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to set the background color of the entire app. When I change the screen background color, it does not apply beyond a certain portion of the app screen on the iPhone X (see screenshot below). I have also tried adding a layout and setting it’s vertical size to > 100% and this will work (after margins are adjusted to move it up) but the layout does not hold up on other iPhone screen sizes.

Sample app (only functionality is background image set to screen + a label):


In your screenshot, StatusBar is displayed at the top. It can be removed as follows: select Screen and at the bottom of the properties panel set ShowStatusBar = false.

If you want to display StatusBar, then everything is more complicated. On different iPhone models, StatusBar’s height is different, but Thunkable X does not have the ability to recognize it. It is also not possible to change the background color of the StatusBar. If you use the application only on your iPhone, then you can use Screen.Margin = -40px for your model.

A work around i found is setting the background color of the screen to be the same as your app or app header. This way there won’t be a white bar on top of your app.

They fixed it a while back—when I originally made this post (nearly 2 years ago), the white bars appeared even when changing the screen background color. It now works correctly.

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