[Fowarded] Customize status bar without bg set 🤔

Hi there,
Will you guys ( thunkable developer ) customize the status bar colour? I know have a way to change that colour with the screen background colour, but that’s no reason my app within colour background. …

When you say [Forwarded] do you mean that you’ve emailed us or reached out via chat support about this already?

If this property is supported on both iOS and Android then it might be added in a future update?

I remember that I told to @jane

@BlueWhaleYT If you want to change the status bar colour but not the “screen” colour, just make a column cover the entire screen then build inside that column only. That is how I make screens with a toolbar at the top which can be any colour as the row it is on is invisible and thus it shows the screen colour, then a white column below it.

Your issue is easily solvable. Just have to think outside the box :stuck_out_tongue:


This way I have think,what if I do some of the things,that’s occurs something.

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sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. apologies