Color bug in "Switch Component"?

I started using the switch component in my project, but I can’t change the color of the switch. Is there a bug in the color blocks?

I prepared a small demonstration: Thunkable

Is it a bug? If so, do you have a prediction to fix?



Hola yo estoy teniendo el mismo problema hace mas de 1 mes, probablemente se deba a alguna actualización que estarán realizando… pero hace mucho que está así, espero que pronto lo solucionen…

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It doesn’t seem to work for me either @caminostudio , I’ve tried web preview and Thunkable Live on Android. What platform(s) have you tested on?

On Thunkable Live for Android I can’t see to change the colour in the designer either - is it the same for you?

The same for me. @domhnallohanlon, I am building/testing web apps only. Could you register this issue on Github?

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Hey @caminostudio,

Just letting you know that an internal issue has been filed for this behavior! Once a member of the dev team takes on fixing this, it will be added to our release notes.


THANKS @jane !

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