IOS app broken?

I go to test my thunkable app on my iphone and I get a blank screen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

Hi @jessesteckleyj423yg, welcome to the Community.

This is very strange. It sounds potentially like an issue with your connection. Are you running a beta of iOS?

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Did this appear only when you updated the app?

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Have you updated to the latest version?

I also cannot run my apps using the IOS app (and none of my students as well - same weird hanging screen) - works fine on an android phone, very frustrating

is there a bugfix for IOS yet please as the “live test” is a poor approximation of the running app

annoyingly, I can (sort of) download the iOS app and install it, but for live testing during development with kids this is a hopeless option

Hey @jessesteckleyj423yg can you make sure that you’re running v186 of Thunkable Live? There should be more log in options (or more space for them!) on the current version.

We’ve submitted an update (v187) to Apple yesterday and are just waiting on them to approve it, so hopefully, is the current version doesn’t work for you, then the next one will be out today or tomorrow.

@pdub I assume that in this case “IOS app” means Thunkable Live on iOS…

…and in this case “iOS app” is your actually iOS app, right?

Couple of quick follow-ups:

  1. What sort of apps are you building?
  2. Will web preview work for you? (No phones required!)
  3. How many students are you teaching, or are you working with your own kids?


iOS APP is the Thunkable Live app running on iPhone and iPad, yes. When I say “running” I mean it does not run - rather hangs at the “need a code?” screen with no possibility to authenticate through our school google accounts. It is not a school network issue - same at home and on 4g personal hotspot.

My kids are writing/running really varied apps that use phone sensors, local storage and facilities (like camera, bluetooth), password masking, local, stored and web variables, API calls etc. A responsive web app will not give then a feel for how it looks/works on an actual device.

I am coordinator of a group of 70 upper middle-school students, we used Thunkable successfully with a similar sized group with no issues last year - some wonderfully powerful apps were developed by them (our topic: “Make an App to Change the World” last year will be augmented to include features of Covid/bushfire/other disasters that Australia has had to face recently) and chose the platform this year assuming the experience would be as rich, kids on no-apple (ie Android) devices are fine, but about 2/3 of our kids are iDrones, they are understandably unhappy.

A fix would be a welcome relief

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v187 doesn’t solve the issue!!! Thunkable live is still broken. What we can do???