Issues with IOS downloads crashing when opened

Is there a new problem with downloading IOS apps for testing? I have been developing apps for the past few months and have been downloading them to IOS devices without issue. I do this as my apps use maps and I dont always get the response I need when I use the Thunkable LIve preview. However I downloaded an unchanged app yesterday that used to work and now find the app crashes as soon as it starts to load. I see a white screen and then that shuts down. The apps do work using the thunkable live IOS app but not as stand alone, downloaded apps. I have tested this with all the apps I have built recently and none of them now run natively. I cannot test on an android device as I dont own one.
Has there been a change in the build process? Can you advise as I am sure I am not alone in finding this more than a little problematic.
As an example try downloading this small project onto an IOS device.



i confirm this too

There are other reports of app crashes. See this:

I can confirm that downloaded iOS apps crash immediately. I don’t know about web apps. Quite frankly I’m not prepared to test it to find I have broken an app in production. As far as I can tell, apps tested in Thunkable live do still work. Thank heavens for small mercies!

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Same here. Even an empty screen with only “Bottom Navigator” template used crashed when downloaded as iOS app for testing.

I confirm, it also happens to me