Cross Over to Thunkable ✕

Just wanted to do a quick update on the status of Classic and to give you all a run down of some of the components that are available to you in Thunkable X:

Here’s the spreadsheet that I was looking at in the video:


Thanks a lot for including my Tutorial! :blush:


Also, the spreadsheet’s great :+1:

Thank you very much! :blush:

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Name that Component:

Here’s a quick summary of similar components that have different names in Thunkable X

User Interface

Many of the Notifier functions are available in the Alert component:

Rather than having multiple different Text Boxes, the Text Input can be a numeric input or a password input just by changing one setting in the properties:


Again, just by adding in an extra setting it’s possible to reduce 4 components to 2. It also means if you change your mind during the design process you don’t have to delete one arrangement and replace it with a scrollable version instead.

A Horizontal Arrangement is known as a Row in Thunkable X

And a Vertical Arrangement is called a Column

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The component formerly known as the “Image Picker” is now known as the Photo Library


You can call, text, or email directly from the Share component:


They’re not experimental any more - in Thunkable X “Firebase DB” is called Realtime DB and “Cloudinary DB” is the Media DB

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