Notifier Component?

why there is not Notifier component on X version?


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We are planning to add it soon!

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Many thanks.
is it possible to get a complete example about “Sign_In” component (Sign_Up, Sign_In, Sign_Out and Reset - sending email template)? it’s very interesting component!


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If you need dialogs then try my universal dialog (on screen2) which you can customize.

yes very goog … it’s not really the same but … why this component has not been added to this version?

It is not added to Thunkable X because it is my custom component, not the native one that developers are offering to us. With the help of a custom dialog, you can create any of your dialogs and customize its appearance. It seems to me that this is more interesting than using several ready and unchangeable dialogs. I can make ready dialogues, if necessary, or answer your questions about the use of custom dialogue.

We are working as fast as we can to add new components!

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I tried to play with thunkable x for a few hours, with all those options in design menu the app will look cooler than thunkable classic. Can’t wait for all the component will be there. Thanks for the team effort.

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It is still not available. I want to use it as below:
Click a button and then create a screen by itself in the app and navigate to the created screen by naming it. if there is any other way plz do hep me

Thank you

I’m afraid you may not be able to programmatically create or name a screen but as work around, you may use Any Component block to create a new column. New Column sometimes may be used like new screen while setting other visible columns as invisible.
Try it out.

I’ll like to try the universal dialog but the link is private. Can you use the share link button so we can open.


@Andrea_Marchisio, not sure why this topic is getting so much attention today - but just FYI the notifier component in Thunkable X is called the Alert. It came out back in July of 2018. Here are the docs:

Hey @37abdulallam378i6 - I’m not sure that what you’re describing is related to a notifier/alert component.

@Patrick_Elisha’s suggestion about using the Any Component blocks to dynamically create new layouts is a really good one, but definitely should be considered an advanced topic.

I’m wondering why you need to do this in the first place? Can you tell us a little more about the type of app that you’re trying to build and perhaps we can recommend a simpler way of doing this.


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I want to give user an option to click button “+” where alert or notifier will pop up and ask the user 2 questions

  1. Type a name of website in the below text
  2. Type URL in the below text

Then when the user click on confirm button of alert or notifier, the app shall be able to save the data and create a new button of point 1. Now wen the user click on button created let’s say “thesaurus” then the app shall open thesaurus website with screen name as thesaurus. I hope I am clear.

Thanks for ur swift reply

Waiting for the reply

It’s cumbersome to attempt to create a button for every add request. Why not add urls to list so that users can select from list and open any url he wants to visit?.If you find my suggestion reasonable, I can make some blocks to illustrate.