I have two questions: How can I use the component Textinput? and make templates?

Hello everyone!

I’m doing tests with Thunkable X and there are two things I could do in the Thunkable Classic but not here.

I hope you can help me.

The apps that I did with the Thunkable Classic was cook apps, in each step of the recipes I used a checkbox but when I try to do it in Thunkable X using Text input the texts continue along instead of going down when they reach the end of the screen.

The same happens if I do that with the buttons.

I put this two screenshots in case I have not explained well so you can see how the apps looked.

Is there any way to write texts either in a way similar to the one I was doing or another completely different but that fulfills the same function?

The other thing that I can not do are templates, in Thunkable Classic I created a screen as a template, downloaded the app and accessed the aia file, copied that screen to do as many as needed, then reloaded the aia file and modify them to go faster in the creation of the recipes of the app.

Is there any way to make templates with thunkable X?

Thank you for your help!