Thunkable Classic is Retiring -- What you need to know

Thank you but there is a dead line :frowning:

Yes, I agree with that, should be open a new thread about that. Right now I remember the following component:

Toggler Button

Next time I migrate a project, I will update this list.

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La plataforma de Thunkable, tendras los mismos plugins ? porque eh intendado crear un proyecto y la experiencia ha sido muy limitada, ya que los componentes no son los mismo que Thunkable Classic …

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From my experience usually the components that Thunkable or another distributor created themselves on top of the AI2 base are not compatible to each other. It is always the same base but every service programmed their own components in their own way other platforms cannot handle those without including them as well. I had similar issues with other platforms moving to Thunkable and vice versa even tough e.g. they both had a Google Maps component - but since they where created differently they wouldn’t work with each other.

best, Chris


Hi @colombianopro, welcome to the community! :wave:

If you outline which extensions (plugins) you are looking for, and explain a little bit about the app you are trying to build then we’re happy to recommend so strategies you can use to get your app built.

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Hola @domhnallohanlon gracias por su puntual respuesta, estoy tratando de crear una app, la cual deberia llevar un video incrustado en el home,antes del home, hacer un loading,adicional a ello tener varios screen y desde mostrar ellos mostrar una pagina web


Well this really sucks. I have absolutely nothing against Thunkable X and I was keeping a close eye on it for a very long time but the closer it got to being “Done” the less it looked like it was going to be able to live up to what App Inventor started.

I do appreciate the advance notice so I at least have time to look for a place to move my current project. Unfortunately App inventor doesn’t handle the size of my app very well and the last time I went “looking” for a place to continue my work nothing was even close to the quality of Thunkable but that was probably close to 2 years ago at this point.

No one in the Thunkable community knows who I am or anything about my App but I can promise you many programmer who write C#,C++ and Java no longer question the ability of a block based programming language. My app will never see the Playstore, it’s 100% free and has zero adds. I have had over 7K downloads of the current Beta version of my app in the last 5 months…the only place to find the app… is on my apps own website that’s also add free. I would guess I’ve had at least another 3-4K users in the last 18 months during my apps Alpha testing stage but I wasn’t tracking users at that point. .

I wrote an app…that started with App inventor but has been with Thunkable for most of it’s life that is capable of reading and writing the flash contents of the Engine Control Module on most 1996-2007 General Motors V6 & V8 vehicles using a quality Elm327 type Bluetooth device. Aside from the flash routine the app runs while the flash is in progress it also required creating more then 300 boot-loaders/flash kernels written in Motorola S code/assembly language and with out Thunkables live development creating these boot loaders would have been nearly impossible.

I was able to use Thunkable Classic to create an app no one thought was possible. Nothing like this had ever been done before on Android… or over Bluetooth. I’m sad to say but Thunkable X only offers a fraction of what Classic is capable of. Maybe that will change…but I get the impression X is more targeting people who want to make mini games and copy cat messaging apps while loading the apps down with as many adds as possible.

https: //youtu. be/ cu5FZESCWkY

Thankyou for making Thunkable(Classic) a great platform to work with even if it was only for a short time.


its really saddening,I just started doing projects in Thunkable X and what i found is missing lot of functionalities which were there in Thunkable Classic, just to say in list view we have option to show Filter in Properties, and we have close application, close screen and etc in Blocks and the main thing is we dont have option to import extensions in Thunkable X.Most of the time we use extensions in Classic, but as of now i didnt saw that. Its true that i feel lot more easy doing Thunkable X, But if some of these ( what i have mentioned above) functionalities were also there then it would be simply superb to do develop. I hope Thunkable staff will observe this and do changes before retiring Thunkable Classic.
Bye Bye…Thunkable Classic

Hi @Vamsi_Sarma, thanks for your feedback - I just want to follow up with some answers and a couple of my own questions to make your Thunkable X experience a little easier.

We have a full comparison here. I a lot of cases the names are just different, or the blocks are in a different place, but Thunkable X actually has more features than Thunkable Classic now.

Here’s an open-source example of how to add filtering to your own app:

Close screen isn’t needed in Thunkable X, because they’re not the same as screens in Classic, but yes, there is currently no close application blocks. The current recommendation is, since all modern mobile operating systems allow multiple apps to be open, and for apps to run in the background, that users choose when to close/dismiss an app themselves. The close application block is really just a throw back to the times when this wasn’t possible on all versions of Android.

Can you let me know which specific extensions you are looking for and I’ll tell you what component in Thunkable X will work for you.

This is fantastic to hear - the more you practice the better you’ll get. We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for anyone to build an app, and with your feedback we’ll just keep getting better.


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Hi Mr.@domhnallohanlon,
actually to say, I have asked you this issue and you gave the example, which really worked for me, but after that i have asked you how to get data from column 2 you didnt replied and i have shared my project for your reference. so again i went back to Thunkable Classic and i have done that. My request is pls provide more tutorials or videos( for Thunkable X as its new) as we have lot for Thunkable Classic. Thanks once again.
Sorry i know i should not write this here, but if you can help me how to get value of column 2 after selecting from list viewer in method search/ filter which you given as example. here is my project link:

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just for future reference, please feel free to bump a topic if you don’t get a response to this.

Here’s a guide to doing VLOOKUP (find column 2 value)

Hello Mr.@domhnallohanlon,
I think you didn’t get my issue and i hope you didn’t get time to open my project.Actually what i was asking feature to be in Thunkable X is in properties of List Viewer “Show Filter”, for this you gave me example in the above, and for my second issue was how to get value from list viewer after selecting the item in search/ filter, for that you gave example of “performing VLOOKUP” which will find the value of Second Column in LocalDB but with out filtering/Searching. I was asking the both search/filter with on selection of (first column in LocalDB with) Listviewer value of Selected index in Second Column.
Which was inbuilt in Thunkable Classic and which is not there in Thunkable X.
Sorry in Thunkable Classic we don’t have LocalDB for that i have used Airtable

I followed your method for Search in Thunkable X where i cant get the value from Second Column from LocalDB.
Pls help me out with this,I hope you will add this in Thunkable X or give a solution for this.
Thanks in advance.

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Hola buen dia, ando algo atrasado en las noticias a penas hoy me entere que se va a cerrar Thunkable Classic, la verdad me da mucha pena ya que era muy buen plataforma para hacer app, he estado probando el nuevo y siento que aun le falta muchos componentes que tenia el anterior, pienso que antes de cerrar uno versión y abrir otro mínimo debería ofrecer lo que ya tenia y como todo cambio es para mejorar yo estaba de acuerdo con pagar siempre y cuando tenga lo mismo que el gratuito y me ofrezca algo nuevo y novedoso, en este caso no es asi, los proyectos que tenias los tienes que rea-ser tratando de reemplazar componentes, ademas de que no esta en español. Espero nos escuchen a toda la comunidad, saludos. “Todo cambio es bueno, siempre y cuando sea para mejorar”

Hi @ejhonathan,

Thunkable X actually has more features than Classic and that number is growing every day.

This list was compiled in November and if you take a look at our #Announcements you’ll see that a lot has been released since then, and we have some amazing new features scheduled for release this month too. :wink:

If you have a specific feature in mind, please let us know as there might be a different name or a different way of doing it in X.


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Saludos a todos, soy nuevo en la plataforma thunkable, tengo proyectos creados en otras plataformas y deseo importarlos a esta, sin embargo, en mi navegador no se muestra la barra superior. Adjunto una imagen. Gracias y espero alguien pueda ayudarme.

only 9 days before it stops service. countdown

friend, I have projects in the thunkable classic…how can I access it?

log in now before that countdown expires and copy all your projects to thunkable x but you need a existing account

Access them, use the “download app project (aia) to my computer”


You can then move to App Inventor (which is missing components you may need) or to Kodular (which actually has more).
You CANNOT convert or upload an aia file into “thunkable X”.

Kodular may require some tweaking as some objects may have a different number of arguments, but it will be 95%+ compatible from the get go.

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