Question about thunkable and blocks!


Why you don’t try to work with framework7 5v ?
It would be so nice to have all the basic from ios ?
Like cards and all the new nav styles and all that stuff ?
It would be so simple to do a real ios styled app

Hi, @danyklein! :wave:

@actech knows very much about Framework7 - He also created some samples regarding it :+1:

Hope he can help you with some workarounds/examples :smile:

Thanks! :blush:

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I use wappler and thorium builder for such apps I know how to use them but my question is why thunkable don’t combine it… Thunkable would be so wouah with them. Thunkable has only on listviewer come on where you can’t even have a icon. nothing… we are on ios 13 now !

Apple have list viewers like cards and all that stuff ( like in the appstore )

So much blocks missing …

Thanks for your Feedback, @danyklein.

I would like to quote you this spreadsheet @domhnallohanlon recently made -

I hope you will have a look to it :blush:

And for this, @actech has a nice workaround project.

Thanks! :blush:

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Just to follow up on this point - it’s usually the case that the blocks have a different name, or are associated with a different component in Thunkable ✕ - can you be more specific about which blocks you feel are missing?


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I never used the classic and speaking about all the native comments that apple apps have like cards, dropdown all the nav styles, the iOS styles that the title fade away, all framework7, Xcode blocks.

All the list views ? with icons or as a card all that stuff

We’re building these at the moment.

This is both very big and very vague…

Let’s try this the other way around:

What component or block - which you think is currently missing from Thunkable - is preventing you from completing the app you want to build?

okay cool

here are all

you see them on the iPhone on the right side. like a dropdown, action sheet, cards, fab, the menu button, pull to refresh, sheet modal <- Swipeable Sheet !!

There are a lot …

UHH a big problem is that there is no infiniti scroll that we can’t scroll on the builder !! That the screen don’t get biger when you put block under a other block…

You mean when you are designing the UI of your app?

The canvas does increase in size when you add more blocks to the blocks editor.

You mean when you are designing the UI of your app?


The canvas ? The screen is scrollable on the live app yes but in the editor it only zooms out

Ok, so you would like this part to scroll up and down when components are added to the screen, correct?

Let’s imagine you want to put 100 picture under each under ? yes it would be nice if we could scroll down like on the like app

Got it, thanks.

have a look an thorium builder if you want, thunkable & thorium builder mixed would be a revolution

Well… Thunkable itself is a revolution. Anyone with an email address can log in, remix a starter template and have an app on their Android or iOS device in 10 minutes.

You don’t need to download any software to your computer, you don’t need to have any particular type of computer - if you have a web browser you can create a cross platform app with Thunkable!

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Yes I know thunkable itself is a revolution, it’s amazing !!! and It could be more powerful ! Let’s say more pro like … thunkable is the only in the market for the momentt to do what you do and also so simple to create app an publish the app. And it’s for that , you have to become better and that fast enough before anyone comes and create the same platform with all the block components that apple have…

Framework7 them self announced a visual builder for next year…

I’m trying to make my own cards right now with Airtable on thunkable because I haaattee the list view… so I want that for each row in Airtable, a new column is created in my screen and it show a label and a button with the things from Airtable… and that’s so complex to do really could be easier… even if any component I’m struggling to get that done


Other think what is so annoying is when you have a form that you can’t go to the next input without that the keyboard close :frowning:

It would be nice if we could tell if we scroll on row 1 hide row 2 and things like that ?
More animations like…