Some things that are needed for Thunkable X


I just signed in the Thunkable X, but I guess it needs some more things. Here is a list for these things.
There is already listview which works similar, but making screen just for listview is memory wasting. So I think listpicker, which doesn’t need screen for it is better.
2.nfc, Bluetooth, internet
There are none of these things. Game with no connection is no fun. So I want Thunkable workers to make at least one of these soon.
These are the things that I want for Thunkable X. I guess that Thunkable workers are thinking similar, so I wish these things will be available soon.

Things missing in the new Beta

Hi there. Thanks for your feedback. These are all on our list of things to add shortly.

Question for you as a follow-up – what are you using NFC for? (It is unfortunately not supported on iOS at the moment). Also, what is “internet”? Do you mean the “web” component? If so, we have a Web API component in the Data / Storage section.



“internet” is web component as you expected, and NFC is for scanning other phones and add them as friends. Also, I found a bug in Thunkable X. When I try to open “function” blocks, my app’s screen turned into Screen1 although I set it Screen2.


Good news – we do have the Web component which you can also used with Object blocks to make the data parsing much easier:

In terms of NFC, we’ll look into that although I’ve never seen the user interaction where user’s add friends by NFC – I’ve only seen that using the barcode scanner in WeChat.

Thanks for reporting the bug from the “function” block – if you can share you’re project file, we can take a look at it in more detail.



Just a quick note that you can use a List Viewer as just an element of a screen. It doesn’t need to take up an entire screen.



I have the same problem with function block!


NFC is already supported in iOS 11 (should be compatible with iPhone 7 and later) – for now only reading capabilities but still you could use it to scan NFC tags with informations like links, vcards, etc. I would love to see this implemented into Thunkable X.

With Apple’s event on Sept. 12th, 2017 Apple has finally announced the new iPhone 8 and the iPhone X along with releasing iOS 11 to the general public for download on Sept. 19th 2017. iOS 11 includes an NFC SDK for iOS, Core NFC which allows for iPhone apps to read NDEF records from NFC tags. Previously the NFC controller in the iPhone had only been used to support Apple Pay.


Thanks for pointing this out. We will see if this is something we can add soon.


Hi Guys,

I only registered today for the Thunkable X platform, but I was hoping that push notifications would be a first extension to be added. Regardless of the type of app, we all need the inherent ability to send push notifications to keep the user interaction high.

As its already on Android from OneSignal is it possible to transfer this extension across to the IOS platform in Thunkable X? As it’s a third party service where we are just putting a number in a field to connect the OneSignal campaign, is this an easier job than most other extension?


The Thunkable X platform is built from scratch and as far as I understand its background is completely different from the Android version. Therefor implementing a service like OneSignal might not be that easy… Also I think there are much more important basic features that need to be added before thinking about push notifications for user interaction… If you cannot even build a finished menu yet or miss essential features like hide keyboard, change visibility,… I don’t think notifications would “push” (:speak_no_evil::sweat_smile:)your app any further :wink:

Still I would love to see it implemented after the basics are finished :slight_smile:


Thanks for the request for push notifications – this should be something that we can /will add relatively shortly (along with all the other things that @gre4t_wh1te mentioned).



Well, these things are recently almost solved, but I noticed a very important thing. Why is there no canvas and image sprite?


We are definitely thinking about how to add a Canvas and Sprite – we want to improve how they are implemented so it will take us a little longer to release this to you.

Appreciate your patience in advance,


Do you know if Thunkable X will have a barcode scanner soon?


Very much looking forward to barcode scanner!


Yes, barcode scanner needed!


1)you should add ability to import extension like we do in Thunkable Android

2)you should have ability to import Thunkable Android aia to Thunkable X it will be awesome


We do plan on eventually having support for extensions. For now we are concentrating on filling out the built-in set of components.

As awesome as it would be, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to support the ability to import Thunkable Android aia files to Thunkable ✕. They have quite different sets of components, properties, blocks, etc. That said, we are thinking about how we can make the transition from Thunkable Android to Thunkable ✕ easier. If anyone has any ideas for this, let us know!



Can you tell me:sob: when it will be available roughly?:sob:


Is it difficult to add to Thunkable X the exchange of data between javascript in the Web Viewer and the native part through the CurrentPageTitle? Then work offline with Canvas, Date, Time and much more could be created in javascript while the native components are in work.