Some things that are needed for Thunkable X



I am a new user of Thunkable (from AI2).
Any specific date for when ListPicker will be available on Thunkable X?
Any plan to have FusionTable in addition to other current data/storage capabilities?




List Picker can be done with the help of List Viewer or Alert, as shown in the Pickers project in the project


Thanks Actech. This is very helpful.
A follow-on question: Can I set the visibility of the ListView “Hidden” from the Block, i.e. after I pick an item from the list, I want the list to be hidden because I have a large number of items in any 1 list.



I figured out one of many alternative ways by setting the list to empty list. It cleared it.



If you mean, can you use an Android component from classic on ✕, then the answer is no. If you mean, might there be components on ✕ that only work on Android (or iOS) then the answer is possibly. We don’t have any such components right now, but it’s possible that we will have such components in the future. We will, of course, try hard to avoid any single-platform components, though.



Is it clear when the following two features would be available in X.

NFC (Tag reading)
Push Notifications

Please let me know as it would make a viable platform for what I need to build.


Hi @Doug_Blystone,

Push notifications are now available:

We don’t have any immediate plans for an NFC component though.