Hats off! big game changer!

Please keep this. dont ever give it away!

this and the potential upcoming ability to create easy to use custom list viewers (plus filter data)

you guys are killing it!

can you spot what i mean here, Thunkers?!?!?!


Unfortunately, I didn’t understand anything from your message.

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Me neither… what’s up? :slight_smile:

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I think that’s Absoulte Positioning Thunkable was talking about (some time earlier to be clear) :man_shrugging:

btw this is how my Thunkable Page looks currently :

Wasn’t this already available? I remember using absolute positioning with buttons a while ago. Are you sure this is it?

@Deluxe - was this during a user testing session with Thunkable Staff? :joy:


Haha, no, not really. Is absolute positioning for buttons the update jared means?


Actually, absolute positioning means wherever you drop the component, it will be placed there only. You won’t need to take rows/columns to align the components.

So if you take 2 buttons, drop them side by side like : :black_square_button: :black_square_button: , they would be there only, no need of a row.

@jared How does the UI of the component properties area looks different on your Chrome? The preview device is matte black too :man_shrugging:

You should be able to access this as a beta tester too @kartik14

@domhnallohanlon, this platform just keeps improving! Thanks a lot to you and the rest of the team. Can’t wait to see these as part of the standard platform!

I did notice, the advanced tab gone when using drag and drop. Which is kinda nice tbh but it also then removed the ability to set/modify shadows. I use those when I make an app with “card views”. Will that come back?

We have been able to do this and I take advantage of this feature quite regularly, but no. I am referring to drag-and-drop component placement


Oh I see now! Thanks @jared for reminding me to check the beta area :sweat_smile:

Here’s the full topic on this - just noticed this. (topic for beta testers only)


Here are my opinions :

  • No advance tab seems a nice feature to have. Would love the elevation thing.
  • Drag and Drop has a drawback of not being able to perfectly able to align components. I hope we’ll see this soon.

Thanks! :smiley_cat: