UI Issue, Web view Issue or simply user error... I dont know


I am very new to to thunkable and am having issues which I cannot put my finger on and need some help from the community.

I have created an app and it appears ok on my pc but does not when I use thunkable live. At first I thought it was a bug but when I look closer I started to worry that I don’t understand how to use the thunkable correctly.

I am using the new ui and have put an example of my problem below…

here is the designer view of a screen

There are a number images, text, text input and a button that only get switched on when needed

Here is the view from preview in my browser… it looks correct

Now here is the view from thunkable live on my phone(with a different screen size)

Fields that are hidden are in the top right
stuff that was centred is not in the right place
The picture is stretched.

So i it me doing something wrong, is the live preview or am i getting relative positioning wrong or something else???

I know that I am new to this but I am finding a few other frustrations which i would also appreciate community support on. list below(please feel free to pass any tips you have.)

Lack of clarity of the differences between old and new ui
Not enough documentation on the new ui
Not enough video training using the new ui
No way to create routines that can be carried over between apps I want to create
New ui does not allow % i.e relative positioning
Now way to switch an app between new and old ui

Looking forward to any support you can all give.


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You’re not doing something wrong. This bug /glitch is available even in the old UI.

Thunkable cannot hide (visible=false) a component with absolute position. Because the new UI can only have absolute positions the bug is more apparent.

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Thanks muneer

Thanks for coming back to me so quickly… I am happy that its not me :slight_smile:

I am really struggling with positioning side of things as I want my app to scale when used on different devices.
The old ui looks like it addresses this better with % as an option in positioning. should I not be using the new ui yet or should I continue with the the new one. What are your thoughts?


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I wouldn’t be able to recommend one over the other but it is worth to notice that the new UI is in experimental stage and it says “beta”

However, the old UI has the same issue of the component not removed from the screen when visible property is false and the component positioning is absolute.

The workaround for this is to programmatically change the size of the component to the smallest possible.

Great advice. I think I will have a play with both and see which causes me the least headaches

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