Code not working when previewing App inside Thunkable Live

I ran into a problem and could need some help from the community :-).

Problem is, that my app code is not running when viewing in Thunkable Live (on my Android Pixel 3a phone), but when running in the “Preview” mode or in the Browser “Live test” mode (on my Macbook) it’s working.

To make it more clear: When I press the 2Start" button in the thinkable Live app, nothing happens. But when I press the “Start” button in Preview or Live test mode on my Macbook, the code is executed and the rectangles in the bottom appear and disappear as coded.

Here my Share link for the app: Thunkable

It’s my fist day playing around with Thunkable, so many thanks for all your help in advance!

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This works fine on my iPhone with the latest version of Thunkable Live. There’s certainly nothing complicated going on there that shouldn’t just work.

I wonder if maybe you’re looking at stale code in Thunkable Live. On the iPhone, I find I often have to force quit and restart the Thunkable Live app before it’ll download recently changed code.

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I checked his code on android 9 and 10 and it does not work on the phone. I have not looked at the code yet but want to affirm his findings.

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I checked the project. You have set both Box left and Box right positions to absolute. There is a known issue with the visible property for absolute positioned objects. If you switch them back to relative you will find that your code runs as expected on Android devices.

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Here’s some sample code in which the boxes appear and disappear - you’ll need to do more work to get them correctly laid out.


Many, many thanks @catsarisky and @muneer for your prompt and helpful replies. That solved my issue! Great community support :slight_smile:

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