The beta preview is showing exactly what I've coded, but it isn't working when I test it on my phone

I was creating this app called “Like Simulator”. It is basically a game, which is supposed to show you real life scenarios. So, I coded it, and checked how it worked on my phone. It wasn’t quite right, so I thought maybe there was something wrong with the code or design, but then when I checked it in the beta preview on my laptop, it was working. Here are some screenshots (Im talking about the name and “infant”.
From my laptop:

From my phone:

Is there any way to solve this? If you’re wondering what the code is, here is a screenshot:

Ill be very grateful if you can help me, thankyou.

Hey @kaurgurlakshk0tz - this seems like such a fun idea for an app, I hope it’s going well for you.

I’m not sure why those two particular pieces of text weren’t showing for you, but we have made a couple of updates to our Live Testing app recently.

If you try again on the most recent version, does that resolve the issue for you?