Live test/preview on desktop different to Live preview on the mobile app

When using Live test/preview on my desktop with a chrome browser I see one version while when using my mobile (Galaxy Note 10+) app I see a different version visually when some element are simply positioned differently (e.g. bottom/centre of screen) + on my mobile screen, a row I positioned at the bottom of the screen is not even shown and I cannot scroll down. Which version should I believe? Why is there such a difference anyway? Thank you for your help.

The live previews for different platforms are fair depiction of how the app will behave on that platform. The are substantial differences in the platforms appearance. Develop you app so that each platform displays appropriately. It is a bummer, but true


I have quite the same problem here. Is there any way to solve this?
Is the problem comes from the height setting? fit or fill?

Here is my project link.

This is how I live preview on laptop, and what it suppose to be.


And this is when I try to preview on my phone. Samsung Galaxy J1(2016)
Oh, and the save button also can’t function. [save button just solved, is the problem with stored variable]

Hope to find a way to get through this~
:pray: Thanks in advance. Best regards.