Introducing the Thunkable Gallery & Thunkable PRO


What about extensions?


How the hell then they could keep all of the platforms running for free up until this point? …and even send free shirts of Power Thunkers? Keeping only a single platform for free shouldn’t be a hassle. So, 20$ price tag per month doesn’t seem to make sense to me.


Thunkable like anyone else needs to pay a cost for what they do. That’s not an option.
Do I think $20 is a good price? No. It’s too much for what it offer. It’s too much even for a worker or student in the US and Europe, can’t even imagine how hard it is to pay that money in India, an African or South American country, etc. It’s simply too much for a little more than a learning tool. But we are not who decide that. It’s free market. I guess the price will go down if the demand is not high. May be a $4.99 would sound a little more realistic. Or maybe $1 per private app?


Target user groups:

  • kids
  • students
    or else.

All people who knows java or else use Android studio.

I dont think Kids can pay that money each month.
No problem. There are a few other good builders out there. For FREE.


@Mika, @Italo proposed an alternative but you are just critizicing, please propose a solution if you see a problem, otherwise I don’t see the point of just attacking the team


It is only a answer. Nothing more.
And I think I know thunkable a long time before 90% of all other users here


Actually, I didn’t propose a solution since the Thunkable team is not asking for our input. I just gave my opinion of what would sound more realistic.
The team barely listens to what a simple user has to say, specially with the prices issues.


This is turning into a discussion war, let’s wrap it up and turn the volume down a bit.




I started making apps in Thunkable in 2015, a few months after it was created
I loved it as it had lots of new components compared to AppInventor, and well, I couldn’t pay AppyBuilder’s subscription. And what it’s more important: they had Material Design, something that was what made me change here

But with the past of the time, I was seeing how Thunkable team was “forgetting” about the community, and became much less active and listening less to the users
I think that was something which hurts users, and they started looking for alternatives

During the pass of the months (and years), their competitors became much stronger, offering new features for their apps and a better service for them, while Thunkable didn’t because they were focused on the iOS version

And when they released the iOS version (and Thunkable X), some users weren’t happy as they expected more due to the lack of possibilities with it
I know that is hard to make a system like that, but I think the big mistake was to dedicate so many efforts to it, create too much hype and forgetting they had

I’m one of the first users who signed up in this community (ID 12), and I’m now a moderator, Power Thunker, and I was during quite a long time TOP1 of most liked user
I think that only a few people who commented here saw Thunkable grow how we’ve done it, and how it was changed

To be honest, the decision of “deprecating” Thunkable Classic doesn’t surprise me
It could be seen for a long time ago, as the team focused a lot on Thunkable X, and especially the iOS version. No “big” updates to Classic, no “big” announcements for it, only to Thunkable X

I have several projects on Thunkable Classic
What to do now?
Just have to download them and place in a “Museum” folder, as I will never be able to make them run due to the incompatibilities

Even if I’m no longer as active as I was in the past here, it makes me sad
Thunkable is the platform where I found my passion for coding and where I met fantastic partners (Conor, Mika, Sander, Pavitra, Vishwas and Sivagiri) who helped in my biggest project which now is something more than a project
Without Thunkable I couldn’t be what I am now, and that’s something I will never forget

But I think unmaintaining Thunkable Classic will be good for the team
I mean, keeping two platforms needs efforts (and money). During these days lots of users (like me) will share their opinions against this choice, but, in the future, this will be forgotten
Thunkable will be able to focus on a unique platform and make it stronger

What do I think about the 20$/month price?
It’s too high

As @Mika pointed out, target users from Thunkable are students, and as students, they can’t afford such money, because most of them just use Thunkable for fun
Unless they release an education plan or something, I don’t think people will buy it

And also, only paying to keep my projects private?
I don’t think it will be worthy that price
As other users pointed out, maybe Thunkable should add a few more features to the paid plan

P.S.: Sorry for my long reply, but I wanted to really share what I think about this as I have a big affection to Thunkable :sweat_smile:


Agree with @Barreeeiroo, it’s been a long run. I remember when I came to this community. It was really like a pleased experience, in fact, it was one of the first communities where I was active and where I actually contributed. You know, my first post was in @pavi2410 IAP extension :blush:, where I thanked him for amazing work and asked for an upgraded battery manager extension. The community wasn’t so big? There were a lot of amazing people. Questions weren’t so dumb :smile:, 2-3 questions a day? I remember logging over to Thunkable after the high school and just reading every single post, I missed. Every single reply, every single new user. If not Thunkable, I would probably never have met people that had same mind, that were students with innovative ideas, programming skills and just their kindness. As well, I remember making Templates topic. My most popular post, that became the top post of the year for a long period of time. So, I’m not sure if this is an end or this is just a beginning of something bigger, but what I know for sure, is that I am so thankful for the Thunkable, the community and the entire App Inventor family. For a fact, my life would have been extremely different without the community. Hearing that it’s end for the Thunkable is sad, I mean I still use it for every single demo of my extension. So, I would like to thank now. Thank you for the amazing platform, thank you for the community, people (Diego, Peter, Italio, Sander, Mika, Pavitra, Conor, Sivagiri, Vishwas, Nathan, Domhnall and all of the community and people I haven’t mentioned). Thank you for helping me to become an extension developer. Thank you for everything. I am so happy for being a part of this family.

Goodbye Thunkable, I hope to see you evolve and continue your way. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. My name says it all :heart:


If you guys have been able to hold an ecosystem the way it has been on for the last years and successfully bring more users with the ideology that it was taken when firstly was built Thunkable, a platform available to build apps instead of paying for it… you should keep this ideology in mind for future plans saying this all I want to say is Good bye Thunkable.


@ILoveThunkable I totally agree. On this one :

TO ALL USERS : Please make a list of things you want or do not want in a chill format (do not attack or be mean) and I’ll try to make a synthesis and send it to the team so they can consider the best solutions for everyone. It is not done yet but we need to discuss not to kick each other. Thank you

Opinions are welcome


Sorry to say, but I’m getting really annoyed and sick by your replys to everything, how old are you and you answer and write as you’ve been here since the beginning? I have 2 accounts and been here for 1 year, and even I see how stupid this decision with PRO is. I’ve been innactive since june cuz of the summer, and now I wanted to get started again with Thunking, and the first thing I see is a new user I’ve never seen before answering almost every post in here with an attitude I’ve never seen, I first though you were trolling, but I think you just want to try getting “in bed” with the leaders!

But I like this suggestion from Italo:

I would gladly pay 1$ for each app I start creating, if that’s what Italo’s suggesting. And I would also pay 1$ for making it published. With enough users with this low cost, I don’t think thunkable is going to get broke! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just trying to make things go better, not like you obviously. But whatever, just don’t go with me. I’ll ignore you and you’ll do the same. Works for me. I’m not thinking like you but it doesn’t give you the right to talk like this. Also, I joined in september 2017.

Have a nice day :blush:


Pardon me for not having a look at your profile before posting and making accusation for you to be new here. I’ve just not seen your name before when I was active.
Ignore me? Are you 10yo? I’m not ignoring anyone, I also want Thunkable to be better, AND I like the X, but like everyone else I feel that the price of 20$ month or 100$ year is way to much! I do get to have a say since I also use this builder!

And you should not think that when people write a “negative” post they are attacking the leaders/team. I think it’s a good way to make a statment of what users think in this matter so that the leaders might consider a new strategy! It’s not like the leaders have made this a choice here, that’s why everyone is so upset, except you.

And announcing shutdown already of the classic is also something they should not do yet, not until they KNOW how or when to convert classic projects to X. Or else everyone is forced to make the apps they already have to start over from scratch with X.

I’m not attacking you, I’m just saying how I feel about you and your activity here since I’ve been back a few days ago. I’ve also seen your good side with helping other thunkers, good job :+1: But I don’t like the way you answer everyone that they are “disrespecting” the team, just because they give a statement of what they feel about this case.

Have a nice day you to :wink:


I’d like to add Mark’s post which gives a bit of explanations : Welcome to Thunkable Pro (rant)

Nice day all ! :slight_smile:


I believe the major reason why Thunkable X fails miserably is because they are trying really hard to support Android and iOS both at the same time. I don’t think the team made a good move announcing their decision NOW, considering there are still VERY IMPORTANT FEATURES that need to be integrated into the X (Extension Upload Support, Custom Font Files, etc). I just don’t understand why the Thunkable team keeps taking about the BIG STUFF such as Blockchain, when they haven’t yet implemented some basics.

I really like the idea of dedicating Thunkable Classic to Android and Thunkable X for iOS. As for the team not providing support for Thunkable Classic Anymore, Maybe it’s time you started to hire Devs from the community who really care about Thunkable Classic. I’ve seen some Amazing Extension Developers who are dedicated in serving this community, and who have really put in their effort to make Android App development a Fun Journey.

I’m not sure if you’re aware of it but there are a lot of people from across the world who have GROWN TOGETHER with This platform. Who have seen magic the first time their app came to life on their phone. Who felt pure joy when they helped someone else with a bug. Now this was way before X was even born. This was the REAL THUNKABLE. Saying that you won’t be looking after it anymore cause we want to try what it feels like to be a business model is Saddening.

I would suggest you to maintain 2 different platforms for iOS and Android. Or else Hire devs who really care about developing Thunkable Classic. Saying that you would stop providing support for Thunkable Classic is a REALLY good way to migrate Users to other Platforms. As for Thunkable X, I would rather buy extensions from Devs and Make my own BLOCKCHAIN APP using Thunkable Classic, rather than make it in a system that Tries Too Hard.

– Another User who almost had a Heart Attack when he read the Announcement!


Very very disappointed
I started with x it has
very less components
very less YT tutorials
I was in forceful position to use classic and now when I am having fun why are you taking away
You said to think and then thunk I have started thinking it’s too early don’t make me stop thunking
Please don’t take away anything in 2019 or ever
Adding is your call


Good news for X
Bad news for Classic

What will happens when app inventor will release their IOS platform ?

Let’s transfer all my classic projects to Makeroid…