Introducing the Thunkable Gallery & Thunkable PRO


if only its possible and will be compatible why not.


Some works/changes to do…


This also makes it impossible to use api and other services since most of the providers have in their policy that the api key/service key cant be shared.



I think this i correct. Because Thunk and App Inventor is school platform. You have the chance to learn and write app. If you want to be private that is because you want to make money with your app. Then you/we should pay for the hard work of this great team. He give us a change to do that. Other platform has from start a way to pay for make app. Because always is a free way, buy is limited. Maybe can make a way to be free limited. Thank you for me to have a chance to learn a make a great app.
Regards, CG



I bet you will not stop Thunkable Classic… if you do it. All Thunkable users will switch in a snap to other platforms. I think this is just a strategy to force users to move on thunkable x platform with 20$ else public - people learning will make the public app. If they have idea they will make android app first see how it makes earnings - which is possible with other builders (ai2, makeroid & appybuilder) for free… why they will try X- cross platform for paid. You should come up will great strategy to SELL X. This idea is going to fail badly and your team will regret.



Thunkable Classic is being terminated??? Will it even be archived? I have used it for two years because I have regarded it as the best materialistic App Inventor app platform, and now you’re going to throw it all away??? Keep it in archive at least for people to still use! Thunkable X is trash, if I say so bluntly. There’s no extensions, you can’t build large applications, etc. it’s just so bad. And to think you are throwing you’re hard work on Thunkable Classic away!!! I will no longer use Thunkable if this is happening! @thunkable


This is exactly all I have to say! And $20 per month?!? I’m just a student I can’t afford that?!? At least provide a student discount!!! @amrita @thunkable


In the coming months, we expect Thunkable X to be more power than Classic. We are working on many new components as well as a way to build extensions.

@Uday_Vissa - We will let you know if you offer student discounts for Thunkable PRO. In the meantime, you can always keep your projects public and that will remain free.


It will never be more powerful because there are not third party extensions


@Uday_Vissa Please read…


There will be no way to use current extensions ever. The structure of the Thunkable X is absolutely different. So, there will be new extension developers that will develop for Thunkable X, but I’m not sure if anyone will really care about this platform with such pricing.


How to search public gallery for specific projects? I can’t find a search box to do so!


I guess, there will be a way for extensions.

I already started, learning this programming language to be one of the first extension developers :slight_smile:

But maybe I am wrong and completely on the “Holzweg”.