Opinions on the new announcement


Please give under this post your clear opinions, withour offending anyone and by giving possible solutions to your issue concerning the new announcement

Please post under the form

— Problem
— Solution

And I’ll make a synthesis to send to the Team. Let’s stop complaining and let’s try to please everyone !

I’d add that I’ll be totally neutral and just make a synthesis about all that is needed and not what I need. Just to be clear :slight_smile: I’m doing this because I love this tool and it’s community. You’ve all helped me when I was in the need as well as the team helped me, I now want to please everybody. Please help me :slight_smile:

Peace, and love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Introducing the Thunkable Gallery & Thunkable PRO

Don’t we have this thread already for this?


This is a personnal initiative, I want to regroup all the needs of the community and make up a solution to send to Thunkable. All these war posts are hard to read and not very concrete :slight_smile:


I don’t think the team asked for our help to decide anything. It seems they had their own meetings already. Did I miss a part where they asked for suggestions?


The fact they didn’t asked, doesn’t mean a bit of things cannot be changed :slight_smile:, don’t you think ?