Roadmap and new features

Hello Thunkable

First of all, thank you for all the hard work you have been doing over the past years.

We would like to ask for a couple of updates regarding the platform’s roadmap and new features as many of us are investing time and money to develop apps and generate revenue streams. As you understand, it is important for us to know what the future of Thunkable as a platform looks like in terms of financial viability and equally important, capabilities, laid out on a roadmap.

In regards to features, we have enjoyed all the additions we have seen over the past few months but we would like to have a say as to what is more important to developers so that you can prioritise your deliverables accordingly. As a suggestion, it would make total sense to ask us, the developers, through quarterly polls, which features we would like to see on top of the features you would like to implement as platform owners.

Looking forward for your thoughts! Keep up the good work!


Agree. It’s been a months/years observing this. I really love thunkable, this one is my alma matter, everything I know app building started here, please focus in what developers need than what the platform want, specially improve/additional components or features. sometime poor customer support/service, we just take a consideration and understanding, but still the progress is still the same, please dont take personally, it just an honest opinion, and im really concern about thunkable. Some builders are rising, this one had something, you got the IOS features that was a big hit if consistency and updating are continues.


I love this roadmap and poll idea. It would allow the devs to keep us (their clients) in tune with what they are doing. Not many businesses survive keeping clients in the dark or out of the decision making process. I also dislike having to go to Github to report or request anything, its not very user friendly imo. Could we have the reporting feature within the communities website?

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@Thunkable_Staff any feedback would be appreciated…