GIF as a Column's Background Picture

If I set the background picture of a column to a GIF, it plays only 2 times, and that’s all.

I want that it plays only one time. I have tried this way as well, but it didn’t work for me, any idea?


As you can see, it plays 2 times, and after that nothing. (Without the blocks attached above happens the same.)

Hi @skulamester
Instead of setting background picture to empty text block set it to null and see?

It does the same thing for me. It plays 2 times and after that a white screen.

Wait, i think i know, maybe change the wait time to longer, white screen here might just be no photo.

Well, it does nothing. There is a little white screen in the GIF itself, but it does play only 2 times. It has nothing to do with the blocks I attached. Without them the app does the same.

could you send the gif here?

The original GIF:

Normally when i set backgroundUse the image sprite, but you will have to use the wait block, and then set it to invisible. I can’t tell whats going wrong because i need to see the full code, or at least everything in the yellow block.

Hi there,

The easiest way to get an animation to display once, then stay still, is to use the Animation component.

Animation components have a property called Loop. If this is true, the animation will display on a loop. If false, the animation will play through once, then display the final frame as a still image. This sounds like the behavior you are looking for!

Lottie definitely have some great confetti animations. Check them out here!

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Hi @jane,

Thank you for your reply.

I want to display a text in front of the animation, so I decided to use a layout. @backscratcher2007 The Image Sprite does not support the GIF’s either.

As far as I know with the Animation component you haven’t the opportunity to display a label in front of the animation, like I want to:

I do that with a Column with a Label in it, but the GIF plays only 2 times.

Thank you!

There is nothing special. I created a Column, set its Background Picture to a GIF and that’s all. It displays only 2 times. See my project: Thunkable

You want it to display more than 2 times or 1 time? Because when i look at the copy you have given me it has no code, so i can’t tell what is going on. If you could include a screenshot of the yellow event block which contains the code from your first screenshot that would be greatly appreciated.

Not image sprite, it is the image component that supports gifs.

I want to be the GIF displayed only 1 time.

Yes, because the blocks aren’t important, without the blocks the behaviour is the same, as you can see in the link.

Using the following blocks I just tried to stop that loop somehow, but I didn’t succeed:

I know that one, but I can’t do layers with an Image component. I want to display a Label in front of the GIF, as on the screenshots.

Actually when i see the project you have given the link to, it only plays once

On the Design page for me as well, but if I use the Thunkable app to preview the app, or build it, it displays 2 times.

You don’t have to set the background picture to anything, unless it has been set to a different source before, it will automatically play once it is set to visible.

It displays me 2 times even without the blocks. Please try it using the Thunkable app to preview the project.

I did that, it plays only once and stops, even if i put it in a forever loop