What's the best way to display animated GIFs? [solved]

Hi how i can play gif image using canavas in thunkable cros?
any one can help


Do you have to use the Canvas for this? The native image component is capable of animated GIF support right out of the box.

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really thank you for ur information it works normally in image block .


Is there not a way to add a .json animation to a canvas?

Hello @overshield! Welcome to the community!! :open_hands: :open_hands:

to use the .json animations, drag and drop an ‘animation’ component into your screen or component tree in the design editor.

you see the highlighted item in the tree. the pigeon is the .json animation

Hi, ya I’ve added jsons to screens via animations, but I’m wanting an animation to actually be on a canvas or stage, is this possible?
Thanks again

will the animation be in a fixed position? will you be moving it?

No it would be fixed on the stage or canvas, just animating in place when called

do some searching for the DIY workaround for a Fixed Action Button. You can do the same for your animation if nothing else works.

i think you could use the animation component. Set z-index to 1. Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 8.04.28 PM Set the position to absolute. Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 8.05.02 PM set visibility as false.Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 8.05.43 PM and only set as true when certain conditions are met within the app.

You have a Z index option for an animation component?
I’m able to do it if I put it in a column first, then adjust the columns, then I have to change the margins & padding? But I still don’t actually see in the live test.

Can you create a project of your example?

Sure thing! @overshield Thunkable

it should load on the first screen. push the button to make the animation appear. keep in mind, you can replace a button press with other in-app actions


Mine isn’t showing me anything when I preview it

Sorry about that, I shared the project page. not the share link.

Here you go: Thunkable

Hi there I need some help trying to put an animated gif in the corner of a canvas for a game
but when it put it in it doesnt move
if u fix it can u send me a project as an example