Can you make ui animation in thunkable?

Hello there.
Hi world!

I’m new to coding and I’m considering subscription right now if the support team will give me answers along the way but now I really need to know this one.

I would like to make an app, that have buttons, menus, backgrounds and transitions animated in it.

Can thunkable do such thing?

If yes then what formats can be used in it, would I be using Gif?.

I have a small concept of what’s in mind,
e. g. I would make a button, then make 2 images, one is a still image of a flower (png) then a flower opening (gif).

If button pressed,
change png to Gif, scroll screen up… view text box.

How about when swipe and I get a liquid transition between menus.

What animation extentions can be used?

Is it possible to make a fully animated app in thunkable?

thank you!

it is possible u need a lot of coding

you can follow thunkables yt and my channel - apploro…\

they are animated aldready


No problem I’m willing to learn as long as it takes Enshallah, just needed to know its possible.
I’m subscribing today thank you very much.

if it is solved the u can mark it as solution

I viewed your youtube now and subscribed, viewed the link you gave me but I still feel i haven’t found the correct answer.
I’ve seen you animate simple menus and the link about the smooth animation was also about a simple menu being slid up.
what about more complex animations using imported files?

Buttons change appearance, liquid transitions, icons morphing?

i will make vids on them too

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maybe you can use lottie animations and get animations here -

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Yes I’m willing to use lottie,

here I finally found an online prototype of the exact thing I’m trying to make.

Can this animated ui be programmed in Thunkable?

yes but not easy

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you need to work a lot on it you will need to fill your whole app with just lottie animation maybe it will not be possible sometime in that case you will need to use html

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I’m willing to do and pay any fees but only I need to build this app this is very important.
Anyway today Enshallah I will subscribe to thunkable and maybe lottie files just need to make sure payments are set up.

well just to say not everything will be possible with that

hmm i guess you cant do any html thing

I would add that it is only possible if this interface is made on a website and called in a web visualization. There is no other possibility for its construction. If someone claims the opposite I really want to see how he would do it!

Why don’t you try and build a prototype for free? Then if it works you can pay for a subscription.

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