Feature Requests

I wanted to tell you about some feature requests for the Thunkable X platform.

  • It would be great if you add screen animations, I mean when a screen opens it would open with an animated style. Also you could add animation to components like labels.
  • It would be great if the user could edit the splash screen (in the Pro plan of course).
  • Please fix the bug when the screen has more than one text input, the user has to tap two times on the second text input component because the keyboard dissapears.
  • And last, I wanted to ask you please to give to the thunkers the chance to change the background of a disabled button.

I’m sorry for the bad English, I tried my best.

  • Thank you, Steve.

Hi there,
First perfor, I’m grateful that you gave the suggestion to the development, keep an eyes to the Release Notes. :slight_smile:
1.Screen Animations : Yes, this I had requested before, and the stuff told me had been forwarded to the team.
2.Splash Screen : I don’t think that if this feature available to FREE user, The PRO plan will be no longer have user to purchase.
4.Button’s advanced features : I think this would be hasn’t complete yet, but I think it would be added very soon ~
BTW Thanks.


Hi Steve,

You can read about adding animations to your app here.
Thunkers have had success using .gif files as background images of components!

Users can edit the splash screen in PRO by changing their app icon.

We’re still working on the Text Input focus!

You can use true/false variables to disable a Button without making it grey.

Hi there,
Something I should clarify. Uploader and I want to the screen animations, that’s mean what component will appear with the animations, i.e fade out, slide to the left, balloon etc.

Hi @jane
I read and reread about the thunkable docs animations but I can’t seem to understand why it doesn’t work for me. When I add a Lottie animation such as this https://lottiefiles.com/1492-sky1 nothing happens on the live test and the screen crashes on my PC. Pls help!

Hi there,
I believe that the lottie animation are still having some bug on it currently.As I have tried it,sometimes may not work

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