Thunkable 2020 vision

I read an email from Thunkable saying the new features they will include and one of these was that we will no longer need Thunkable live app does that mean we are getting simulators like in Xcode because that would be amazing! I think Thunkable has SO SO much potential and I know it’s very hard to solve bugs over and over but @thunkable staff this hard work will pay off :slight_smile: and lastly can you introduce more animations from how screen navigates to what animation appears on button when you tap it e.g ripple effect. Because right now Thunkable apps Does not look as same as made on Xcode or flutter or etc anyway can’t wait for 2020 Thunkable updates !

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When will be able to do transitions like this and have fluidity like this. These things will make apps being on Thunkable so nice to look at and use

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I am sure when the opportunity arises for Thunkable they will start looking into it, but there are a lot of things to be added first for what you want. Pointing to your example, you require cards of some sort. which Thunkable doesn’t currently do. So back to my point, I am sure this will eventually be added, though there will be a lot of water under the bridge before then :slight_smile: