How to add transitions in Thunkable X?


I want to know that if we can add transitions when navigating screens. I have seen that in Top tab navigator, there is a animation option. or if we can customize that animation option.

I want to do something like this -:

Only screen transitions


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We don’t have access screen animations yet. You could potentially make some animations to shrink/grow screens if all “screens” were hidden columns on the same screen


Hi @tobi,

So short answer, no.

To my knowledge, this used to be a feature a very long time ago, probably a year or so. It was removed and has been gone since. I don’t know any details on it, but I do remember being able to change this between 3 or 4 different transitions. Again, this was some time ago :upside_down_face:

You could ask for this as a feature request via Thunkable’s GitHub. Hope this clears this up a bit, somebody else in the community might have more to add to this, or maybe correct me for being crazy :thinking:


Transitions would be great! I know it’s there but it’s be good to bump the request a little perhaps!