GIFS image component

I’m using the image component pulling gifs hosted on Cloudinary. However they do not appear in the Live test :frowning:
Any tips? Only this is missing to complete my app for my customers!


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In android never works? Or doesn’t just the live test work?

Do they appear if you download the app?

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The gifs does not appear also in other components - on button, Column, etc.?

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No :frowning:

They should appear when clicking on the listviewer item. The “image” function is within a row

Unfortunately, I still don’t understand your answer to my question. Does this Gif file work in other components? Or is this file not displayed on any component?

maybe she is using sprites?

I suggest that you don’t make assumptions. If the user can’t give a specific answer to a specific question, then any further help just doesn’t make sense. If the file is not displayed anywhere, then there is a problem with the file or with its support in Thinkable. If this file is displayed in some component, but not in some, then this is a question for the developers. There is nothing more to say here.

Your question was whether gifs work well outside of thunkable? If so, they work. I used it, for example, on Canvas.

u can try it and post screenshot and tell us the result.