Can't upload gifs

It has been a long time since I filed my complaint that I could not upload some gifs, check to see if they could help me and they helped me but even so they did not let me upload the gifs. Wait for the error to be fixed and it still hasn’t fixed, check again and I haven’t been answered. I need help quickly because I have to have the application ready by April 30.

Thank you very much for reading my message and I would appreciate it if you could answer me.

I can upload gifs. Not sure what your problem is?

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Are they saved as .gif or another file type?

I also can upload gifs. I’ve uploaded .gif file before and set to an image component. Worked fine.


@alvarob If you still can’t, try replacing the image component with column/button.
Moreover, you can try uploading your .gif to cloudinary / or any other direct image hosting, and add the url in the background picture area.

Hope this helps. :smiley_cat: