Web Live Test not showing any image, but video is shown

Since last couple of days, I am not able to view my images in Live Test. The image paths are very much correct because they are visible when seen on mobile app of Thunkable. The videos, however, are played properly because they are sources from an external URL.

I face same challenge on Chrome, MS Edge and Firefox browsers. Is there some issue with Live Test?

Hi, @sagart8379! :wave:

If you are using the Image Component, try replacing it with a Column/Row, and set the picture as Column/Row’s background picture.

Also, can you please clarify weather you encounter this on Android/iOS Live Apps too?

Thanks! :smiley_cat:

I have also noticed this in my app. I have an image on the opening screen which never turns up in Live Test but thankfully appears as intended in the app. I tried changing the image to renew/refresh the path to the image file but it would not appear. Have not had this problem in the past.

Hi Kartik,

Thanks for your prompt response. I am using images on Canvas - so using column/ row may not be suitable. I am using Android App and I can see everything as intended.


Thunkable Live Test error 1|690x327

Same problem here … It works if I put the image in a column but why ?!

I noticed the same. Creating or cloning images is broken if complex height/width combinations are used. Had to replace mine with columns or buttons which would work with the same settings images wouldn’t.

Oh, I see.
Unfortunately, I cannot assist more on Canvas, as I do not use it much.


Good Luck!

One more point I want to add here. I tested the same project on another laptop (the one which I used to develop that project) and magic… The Live Test works like a charm.

But when I test the same project – no changes made at all – on my new laptop (which I am using nowadays), the Live Test refused to show images.

Is there something spooky here???