[Solved] Camera not working on Web Preview

Hi !
Few days ago, I could take pictures with Thunkable Live but today I can’t. However, the camera is allowed in Chrome.

Am i alone ?

Thanks !

Besides, if I upload an image in my Image module, it doesn’t appear … Weird

Hey @jeanhdes8hd

Can you share a link to your project with us please?

Also are you testing on an Android device, yeah?

Hi !
I’m testing on my PC.
Here is my project : https://x.thunkable.com/projectPage/5ef21488b72258845293e661

I have put a pic of a cat in the image project, when I click on Live Test, the picture of the cat doesn’t appear. When I click on Take Picture, the picture taken doesn’t appear too.

But what is really weird is that if I put the image module in a column, it works !

Thanks for the reply

Is this what’s happening to you when you test on your PC?

Hi, no I have clicked on Always allow.
But what I don’t understand is that if I add an image in my app, it doesn’t appear on the Live test too

are you adding it as the background image of the button?

or are you trying to add an image to your design?

Here :
I add a picture in my image module

Then when I click on Live Test, it’s empty

Today, everything works !

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Fantastic, glad to hear that!