Picture is not shown on live test

I hava an image object on a screen but it is not shown at live test. There are best pratices to use images and pictures in thunkable X ?

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Is the image in this project displayed?


Hi, thanks by your answer.
No the image in this project :
https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5afefc3c44c2bf0001cd8697/Screen1/designer 1
is not displayed.

Here is my project :


Your project does not load (blank screen)

I changed the project and added many different components with images to it. Look, again nothing is displayed?


Now the images are displayed. Could you explain me what am i doing wrong ?

When i saved the image in jpeg format it works. PNG format doen not works.


You give the wrong link. You need to select the project name and then copy the link.


try to set a width and height properties.

Please, if could make this gently, open my app and see :

thers is two png files…anyone is displayed.

The PNG pictures are only displayed when set width and height properties are set to absolut values.

Was this solved? :slight_smile:

Hi armand… partially solved.
I must to use fixed values selecting “Absolute values” size option. If “fit content” or “fill containner” are selected, the PNG picture is not displayed, only JPG are displayed.
Live Test has a very strange behavior also. Sometimes the picture is displayed, sometimes not. Sometimes i must to stop the live test app in “android aplication manager” and reload it again.
But, i think we must to understand that Thunkable X is a wonderfull development platfrom and it is in development and we must to do our contribution to it.